Today, there isn’t any industry or domain that does not require ID cards, Lanyards. Starting with a basic Corporate Photo ID Card all the way to hi-tech RFID tags or proximity cards, smart cards are a tiny, yet vital component of any business. Here are a few industries we cater-:

Defence Secure and tamper- proof ID Cards are crucial to defence establishments the world over. ePurses too have found their way into defence canteens and clubs.

Education- Student ID Cards, ePurse on campus, monitoring attendance and access.

Gem & Jewellery, Clubs - Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards.


Healthcare - Patient data cards are speeding up OPDs the world over and enabling remote medicine to better the lives of people in far flung areas.

Hospitality - Card locks are making hotels more secure and discount/loyalty/membership cards are becoming a key differentiator to the discerning diner.

Retail - Everyone likes a good bargain, and retail chains the world over are wooing customers with Loyalty cards and ePurses.

Security Tamper proof Access cards and Photo ID Cards can bring any security system to life, and the lack of such cards can render it completely useless.

Telecom SIM embeds are a common sight everywhere.

Logistics & Transportation - From GSM enabled tracker cards to access cards, there are numerous points and areas where smart cards play a crucial role




Services Ranges

Cards Design/Visualization and Artwork Preparation
A full-fledged setup is there to cater to the clients' needs in visualizing, developing and creating designs and artworks for client satisfaction. Strict quality control is adhered to and dust proof environment is maintained for quality control at every stage.


Personalization Facility for all type of Cards/Online Personalization
Personalization services for all types of PVC Cards are done with complete satisfaction of clients which includes embossing, encoding, tipping, etc.


Digital Printing
A new technology called Digital Printing implementing high resolution, fade proof, customized card printing technique has been developed after lot of deliberations. It is a substitute for Thermal/Dye Sublimation printing and has much better results than thermal ones. It is a cost effective substitute for low volume offset printing.


Thermal/Dye Sublimation Printing
Personalization of Smart and Proximity cards is done by this process. Providing services for the spot personalization of ID cards, this to be used for comparatively lower period of usage, through Thermal/Dye Sublimation printers. Lanyards is also available with sublimation printing process.


Identification and Security Features
In today's scenario, identification plays a vital role in our professional as well as social life. Not only does a person feel insecure but also incomplete without the identity card. The identity card depicts the photograph of the user along with the required information.